About Little Manís Hip and Joint Formula

Little Man’s Hip and Joint Formula is a combination of safe, effective compounds. For decades they have been carefully processed for human use, and now they are combined into the most effective joint remedy we've ever seen. Little Man’s Hip and Joint Formula specifically works synergistically to reduce pain and inflammation.

No drugs. No side-effects. No dosage problems because the body uses only what it needs.

Little Man’s Hip and Joint formula contains a combination of essential nutrients that are individually successful in helping dogs, cats, horses, and beloved pets suffering from joint pain. Today they form one of the most complete Glucosamine formulas available. This superior formulation has impacted many lives with freedom of motion.

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Little Man's Story from the founder of Biovaxine

I have been in the industry of making nutritionals for people over the past 20 years, and I believe everyone must take liquid vitamins and minerals for their health.  Sometimes we can look at people and think, “there are a group of people that drink and smoke all of their lives, but rarely get sick and live to be the ripe ages of 90, how is that possible?”  It is possible because the area they live in is rich in minerals and vitamins simply because of the soil where their food is grown.  In Russia, very little of their rural areas are industrialized, so the food that is produced is genuine in vitamins and minerals; meaning it is not processed.  The food that you and I eat in the United States and in most countries is depleted of its natural minerals and vitamins.  That is why the taste of our fruit is so bland.  If you go to other countries you will notice their fruit is so rich in taste and color.  With knowing all of this, and being in the industry for as long as I have, never did it come to my mind that this same dilemma would affect my dogs as well.  My dogs to me are like my children, they have the same emotions and communication, but just in a different way.  I would like to inform you of a tragedy that is sweeping our nation.  In 1996, my first shih-tzu was born to me.  His name was Little Man.  I took him everywhere I went, and Little Man to me was like a perfect son.  I would know when he was happy, sad, scared and just about any emotion that we can express in words I could read in his actions.  Every morning at 6 am we would go to the coffee house, and at night after dinner I would take him to the pet store.  Anywhere we went he would have his own place to sit in the car where he was comfortable.

Around the year 2004, Little Man began to get sick.  He could no longer walk with ease, but always he would try to please me and so our daily routine.  Eventually after going to the doctor time after time Little Man’s condition began to worsen because of the lack of nutrients and vitamins in his body, which lead to problems involving his joints and hips.  I realized then that lack of nutrition years before was what caused problems with his joints and hips.  If I could have simply given a glucosamine formula designed for dogs, he would not have gone through all of that pain.  Little Man eventually passed away in Las Vegas, Nevada on the 27th of April in the year 2005 at 3 am in my arms after a doctor visit.  I layed his body in the bed, and even as a grown man I cried until 6 in the morning. I had to wait until the morning to take his body to the Vet.  At 6:30, I gently layed his body where he had sat in the car for so many years, and we took his last ride to the doctors office, never to return home.  Everyone in the doctor’s office was so distraught to see a patient who had gone through so much pain pass away.

Not a day goes by where in do not think about Little Man, or get up at night and see him missing from the bed he had slept in for ten years.  This is why I make the vitamins available for pets.  Not for business or personal gain, but to help others to not go through what I went through. I know how people feel about their cats and dogs.  This is why I have created Little Man’s Hip and Joint Formula.  I make the best and most innovative product possible for our cats and dogs, in dedication to Little Man.

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How Does Little Man’s Hip and Joint Formula Work?

Little Man’s Hip and Joint Formula contains a potent combination of super high quality ingredients, unmatched by other less powerful formulas:

  • Manganese
  • Pharmaceutical Grade Glucosamine
  • Chondroitin
  • Pharmaceutical Grade MSM
  • Aloe Vera

These specialized nutrients work synergistically help to rejuvenate sore joints and support rebuilding cartilage and development of cushioning synovial fluid in the joints.


Please don't let hip and joint problems take the life of your dog.

Even if it does not have joint problems today, most dogs will develop some sort of joint trouble as they advance in age.

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